Writing book reviews for San Jose Library

By Nethra Dhamodaran, TeensVolunteer Ambassador

Virtual Opportunity | January 21, 2021

The volunteer opportunity that I chose was writing book reviews for the San Jose Public Library. Whenever I was in a creative writing mood to express my thoughts about beautiful literature, I decided to write a review. And it brought me so much euphoria to think about how pursuing my own journey of writing can help others become more interested in what I love: words, languages, and books. 

This isn’t the typical “volunteering” definition, yet to me, it did feel like I was putting my time into something that I enjoy and others can benefit from as well. Book reviews, even just small two-sentence paragraphs can do so much for a person. It convinces someone to take the chance of helping someone go into the world of diction, symbolism, connotations, mystical scenery, and worlds full of words creating imagery. 

I really enjoyed writing these reviews. I reflected on the books that mean so much to me, and I put passion into writing something that could bring someone into another world, one that I know can be incredibly beautiful. 

This is a great experience for anyone, whether or not you’re a writer. If you happen to have a book that connects to you, intrigues you, and sits in the library of your minds, then go ahead and write a review. Tell someone else that this is a great world to enter, a world that’s worth taking a journey in, just like how someone else’s review can add one more book to your library. 

It was a great experience, the staff is great, reading and writing reviews was awesome, and I definitely recommend you to pursue this opportunity.

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