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ZoomKidz is a completely student-run organization and educational program taught by teen mentors(starting from upcoming high school freshman). The program serves its purpose to give children opportunities to learn about topics in various academic areas in a fun way during these difficult times. Meetings are usually once a week for each group (Grades K-2 and 3-5) and are usually 40 minutes but if you would like to exceed that time limit, you may. At the end of the meeting, mentors will have to post a blog post on the ZoomKidz website about the fun things done during the meeting. I know this is a little intimidating but there is a template on how to write these posts so it won’t take long and fairly easy to write. Each week, there will be a new topic that will be used as a theme for the meeting. This is created by the content creators (different team). Another opportunity to be a part of ZoomKidz is as a part of the Social Media Team, which helps make social media posts for our team facebook and instagram.In addition to Social Media, we have our Outreach team, where members send out emails/create email templates, organize/plan any events, send direct messages on our instagram using the template, and post insta stories on our team instagram. Our newest addition to ZoomKidz is the Animations team! The Animations team creates various animations for our YouTube videos by using the platform, PowToons. The YouTube videos will last in between 2-5 minutes. The Animations team will be working with the 3 other teams as all 3 teams will be working on the YouTube channel in their own way. To be a part of this team, you do not need prior experience with PowToons. However, we do encourage that you take a look at the different features and get comfortable with the platform. As of this time, ZoomKidz is looking for more people to get involved and have fun! The more team members we get, the farther the word of this organization will spread, so please spread the word! We would like teens and kids from all over the world to be a part of ZoomKidz!

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