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Volde (Danish: to give) is a non-profit social initiative that aims to address major social issues that are prevalent around us. It is an adolescent-run initiative that was founded  in July 2020. All the members of Volde believe that to advance the whole world and to make society a place where there aren’t any social and environmental issues discomforting people, we, as citizens must give back to the community in all forms possible. Thus, this initiative is a collective effort to work for the same and generate support for the building blocks of our society. This initiative is a very small step towards a better world, but they know that together, we can reach heights. Stemming from the belief that repayment to society is of utmost importance, Volde aims to tackle those environmental and social problems which are difficult to target. We do this through innovative ways and collectively-built solutions. Right now, they have two initiatives:- A Zero-Waste Mission and a Fundraising Initiative. With their enthusiastic Executive Board members and a team of extremely talented volunteers, they carry out these initiatives.

Looking for volunteers to fill these positions:

  • Graphic designer
  • Video maker and editor
  • Working in the Outreach and Communications Department
    • Increasing the outreach of our initiative
    • Pitching the idea to various NGOs, for partnership and funds
    • Identifying the various communities/ NGOs with the help of whom we can spread our initiative
  • Become part of Documentation and Research Department
    • Making Proposals
    • Writing Blogs and Articles
    • Doing research for our initiatives
  • Or start your own Volde chapter

For details about this opportunity, visit docs.google.com.

WHEN: Flexible timings

Volunteer credit is offered

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