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Website tiktok and instagram @_teens4all_ TEENS4ALL

A teen run blog with an emphasis on modern problems/issues

Hello! TEENS4ALL is a solely teen run blog focusing on Social Justice (TEENS4CHANGE), Feminism/ Woman Empowerment (TEENS4WOMAN), as well as Teen Mental Health ( TEENS4HOPE). As an editor, you can post an article once a seeking focusing on any one of these topics, or even create a new blog focusing on something else! We support and respect everyone as they are, our mission is to provide an inclusive, friendly, and loving community. We have an executive board that meets once a week to discuss future plans and ideas. There is applications for both parties in the website link, if those don’t work here is the link to be an editor https://forms.gle/Tm8N29z5vRRXJW3u9 and here is the link for executive council https://forms.gle/stHW4CjfqbP5NJ7s6


For details about this opportunity, email contactteens4all@gmail.com

WHEN: To be an editor you may upload an article whenever you are finished, it will need to be approved by your head editor/ executive council

Volunteer credit is not offered

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