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Veterinary Technician Support Volunteer

This is the perfect position for anyone interested in veterinary medicine. Volunteers will have the opportunity to monitor animals post surgery, clean and sterilize surgical instruments, clean and sanitize caging, and complete laundry duties. Each of the above stated tasks are essential to the surgery day. Please read the full job description on our website.

Vaccination/Microchipping Clinic Support

Get your dog/cat fix by volunteering at our Friday drop-in vaccination clinic. Volunteers will assist our Registered Veterinary Technician by drawing vaccines, restraining animals for vaccinations, and inputting client data into the computer system. This is a fast paced and fun position!

Veterinary Technician Assistants

Safety is everything!  In this position your job is to properly hold/restrain the animal for vaccinations, microchipping, nail trims and other basic veterinary care procedures. Previous knowledge of animal handling a bonus, but not required. You will be coached and led by an experienced partner with previous animal experience.

Bilingual English/Spanish Translators


Veterinary Translator – You will act as a translator between the Veterinarian and the patient’s family, helping to get a patient history, address any questions or concerns the family may have and portraying the Doctor’s findings, along with restraining the animal while the Doctors performs their exams. You will also go over medications and discharge instructions.
Client Discharge – Most of our clientele are Spanish speaking and we need a designated volunteer to go over discharge instructions with each family. You will explain what their pet has received at the clinic, go over medications, if given, educate and answer any questions they may have in relation to the care provided.
Spay and Neuter (scheduling)  – Are you passionate about spay and neuter? Do you have the power to coerce the biggest non-believer into a believer? (In spay and neuter of course) Then this is the position for you. Ultimately, the goal of our clinics is not only to provide basic veterinary care to those who cannot afford it but to provide spay and neuter so that we can keep our animal population in control.

Additional Wellness Clinic Volunteer Roles


Registration Assistant – Does not require Spanish speaking skills, although helpful. This position involves helping clients to fill out the clinic registration forms, ensuring all fields are filled in completely and properly, going over the form with them and answering any questions regarding the form they may have, as well as assisting the program manager with other paperwork-oriented tasks.
Runner -This person carries forms back and forth between the registration station and the data entry person.  They are also responsible for connecting the next client with the next available doctor.
Pet ID Tag Engraver – You will make identification tags for clients’ pets. We will give you a brief tutorial the day of the clinic on the engraver machine. This is very valuable position, ID tags are a great and simple way to make sure owners are reunited with their pets if lost. This position does not require you to be bilingual.
Donations Table Supervisor – This position does not require Spanish speaking skills. At each clinic we are able to give out leashes, collars, doggie sweaters, toys, food and other valuable items to the clients and pets we serve. We need a volunteer to help staff the table and make sure that the donations are being spread through our clientele evenly.
Data Entry – This position does not require Spanish speaking skills. This volunteer will help our staff enter in new patients and owners, update existing client files and possibly help to enter vaccination data. If you have good computer skills this is the position for you!
Crowd Management – Our clinics serve around 100 patients in a 7 hour span and since we congregate in a parking lot, there are often sticky situations when it comes to the interaction between dogs. We are searching for a volunteer with bilingual skills and an animal behavior background to help keep all animals safe, give out training advice and education as well as answer any questions relating to this topic.

Social Media Support: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are important outlets that we use to connect with people. Volunteers write pet related posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Topics include dog and cat behavior, pet awareness such as World Rabies Day or Be Kind to Animal Week, safety tips, and other pet related topics of interest. Posts are submitted to Napa Humane designated employee for approval.

Please note that you must be 16 years or older to volunteer.


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