Playing Music for Art of the Heart Virtual Concert Series

By Jerlene Chiu, TeensVolunteer Ambassador

Virtual Opportunity | December 2021

I’ve been playing piano for around 11 years. Its always something that has brought me joy. Luckily, through this opportunity I was able to bring joy to others through the music I created. I recorded a video of myself playing Bach’s Prelude from a well-tempered Clavichord. I submitted that piece to the organization Art of the Heart, in which my video will be featured in a virtual concert. Which will be shown to senior citizens, those who are developmentally challenged, isolated pediatric patients, and low-income adults in the community. I’ve performed that piece before at a local recital, but it’s amazing knowing my music is reaching even more people.

During this time, it is easy to feel alone, but I hope that my contribution brought some people joy. Covid-19 has taken a lot from the community, including the opportunity to perform. Although, through this experience, I have been able to connect with others through music.

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