Making Holiday Cards with the Angel Card Project

By Gabriella Elizondo, TeensVolunteer Ambassador

Virtual   |   December 2020


When I first received the master list of card recipients, I felt devastated to see how many names were on it, especially when I saw children’s names on the list. However, once I began writing the letters, I had hope that my cards would actually make a difference. I wrote to mothers, young women, a little girl, and a veteran. I wished good health upon the card recipients and the happiest holidays. I’m not a very good artist, but I tried drawing little decorations on the cards giving a holiday theme while using colorful pens.

Putting these cards in the mailbox felt empowering knowing that the recipients were going to see some positive energy during this though year. I definitely encourage others to participate in this activity. There are hundreds of names on the list and they need as much positivity that they can get. I will most definitely be participating in this activity in the future holiday seasons!

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