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As a high school student, you can teach younger (K-8th grade) students in academic, extracurricular, and art subjects online through ZOOM. Even though we began the organization in New York, we intend to have volunteers from across the nation and students from around the globe (we currently have volunteers from 2 states and students from 6). We’ve had 30+ lessons done so far, and as the demand for our volunteers grow, we would love to have you guys apply to be a volunteer tutor.

The time commitment is entirely up to you: when I have a student apply for a lesson, I will contact the volunteers for that subject to see their availability. So, you control how little or how much time you want to spend tutoring these students. You can teach virtually any academic or extracurricular subjects: right now offer classes in math, sciences, history, english, computer science (coding/robotics) , and visual arts. You can apply if you want to teach something else than those subject listed. We encourage you to apply to become a volunteer tutor, no matter where you are from. We pride ourselves in a diverse team of volunteers, so please don’t hesitate to apply. Please reach out to us if you have any questions: info@passthetorchny.org

For details about this opportunity, visit www.passthetorchny.org.

WHEN: Flexible according to your commitment

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