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“Helping Young People Live Their Best Life” – Lyftly, a dedicated partner in your Mental Wellness Journey! Lyftly App (free iphone download) is a 24/7 Community-based Peer-driven Digital Mental Health and Wellness Platform and Solution. Lyftly is evolving as an active community of teens and young adults, to pursue a common vision of emotional and mental wellness. We are looking for Teen and Young Adult Volunteers to use and test the app and its potential to address mental health issues relevant to Youth and to provide valuable feedback to improve the app. We expect the candidates to spend 10 hours in this study. Considering the huge social impact of this problem and the ensuing crisis, the time you spend can be used as volunteer hours. If you are an iphone user and want to participate in a large social cause, we encourage you to apply immediately! We invite you to be part of Lyftly’s community of like-minded trusted friends/peers, 24/7 Anonymous expert peer support network. Lyftly’s Peer Support System and Crisis Line are being appreciated by the users and we are getting very positive feedback! Lyftly has the technology and the potential to empower and elevate the mental well being of Teens and Young Adults with the skills and support while concurrently saving costs. Be your own Wellness Advocate!

For details about this opportunity, visit www.allforgood.org.

WHEN: 10 hours

Volunteer credit is offered

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